Religion and Spirituality in Health Care Practice
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"The night before a scheduled bypass surgery, a patient asks her surgeon to pray with her. How should he respond?"
"Say yes, but only if he shares her religion. " 8% (5)
"Say yes, even if he does not identify with her religion." 56% (37)
"Say no, and call the chaplain. " 5% (3)
"Say no, but offer to remain with the patient while she prays. " 27% (18)
"Say no, and do nothing else. " 0% (0)
"A patient tells his physician that he doesn’t want pain medication after a cholecystectomy because “God wants [him] to be in pain.” Should the clinical team comply?"
"Yes, as long as the patient’s bodily integrity and health isn’t threatened. " 80% (53)
"No " 2% (1)
"Undecided " 14% (9)

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