Global Reproductive Health Care Ethics in the 21st Century
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"A medical student on an away rotation in an obstetrics ward abroad witnesses physicians and nurses engage in violent and insulting behavior toward the patients. How should he respond?"
"a) Intervene in the moment and tell the clinicians he will report them if they donít stop." 32% (32)
"b) Report the abuse to hospital authorities later." 9% (9)
"c) Ask the patient if he wants her to remain and provide supportive care." 5% (5)
"d) Only b) and c). " 47% (47)
"What is the best strategy for promoting healthy births and mothers for clinicians working with women who use opioids or illicit drugs during pregnancy or postpartum?"
"Tell patients their fetus is in danger and recommend abstinence." 6% (6)
"Refer patients to drug treatment services like medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence." 85% (84)
"Notify state or legal authorities about the patientís drug use." 8% (8)

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