Graphic Medicine and Health Care Ethics
124 ballots recorded

"Is it appropriate for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to give patients comics to help them understand their diagnosis?"
"Yes, as long as the comic conveys accurate health information." 56% (69)
"Yes, but only after asking the patient if he/she is interested in the comic." 40% (49)
"No, unless a patient specifically requests a graphic explanation." 1% (1)
"What is a primary advantage of comics for patients and trainees?"
"a) They are nonthreatening and pleasurable to read." 8% (10)
"b) They convey information more clearly than other health care media." 9% (11)
"c) They can inspire feelings like empathy and empowerment." 6% (7)
"d) All of the above." 49% (61)
"e) Only a) and c)" 25% (31)

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