Clinicians’ Responsiveness to Violence
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"A patient confesses to his physician that he is struggling with insomnia and having violent thoughts about his ex-girlfriend, and he owns a gun. How should his physician respond?"
"Suggest that the patient turn his gun over to a friend for temporary safekeeping." 24% (27)
"Consult state law to determine whether she is obligated to report the patient to law enforcement." 41% (45)
"Report the patient to law enforcement and warn him that she will do so." 19% (21)
"Report the patient to law enforcement without warning him that she will do so." 5% (6)
"The mother of a patient (age 16) who is in the hospital after being violently sexually assaulted is pressuring the physician to perform a rape kit, even though the patient has said she doesn’t want one. Should the physician comply with the mother’s wishes?"
"Yes, because the mother is the patient’s legal guardian." 14% (15)
"Yes, because the police might need evidence from the rape kit to proceed with an investigation." 16% (18)
"No, because the procedure is not medically necessary and could retraumatize the patient." 22% (24)
"No, because the patient might have decisional capacity to refuse the procedure, even though she is a minor." 46% (51)

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