Health Care Ethics and Professionalism in the Era of Climate Change
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"A family medicine physician is concerned about rising rates of respiratory illness in his community, which is adjacent to a coal-burning power plant. Is it ethical for the physician to counsel individual patients about the power plantís potential impact on their health?"
"No, because this would overstep the physicianís role." 0% (0)
"Yes, but only if he limits his expression of concern to the power plantís health impacts." 45% (27)
"Yes, he should share any environmental concerns that he feels are relevant." 48% (29)
"A patient expresses concern about the environmental impact of a possible third pregnancy. How should her physician respond?"
"Tell her that having one more person in the world wonít shift the course of global warming, so this shouldnít factor into her decision." 0% (0)
"Ask her why she has these concerns and direct her to a range of resources if she requests them." 7% (4)
"Acknowledge that large family size is a contemporary environmental concern and begin a conversation about the implications of deferring further childbearing." 90% (54)

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