Ethics of Collaborative Health Systems Design
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"Former patients have been incorporated into a hospitalís strategic planning team for fall prevention, but some clinicians claim the patientsí participation is slowing the process down. How should the clinician in charge of the team respond?"
"Remove the former patients from the team." 0% (0)
"Keep the former patients on the team but limit their involvement so the process moves ahead more quickly." 2% (1)
"Explain the value of the former patientsí participation to the other clinician members of the team and ask for their feedback on streamlining the process." 68% (34)
"Prioritize the former patientsí involvement and hold herself responsible for promoting team efficiency by setting a clear plan for communication." 12% (6)
"A patient in an online obesity support group is encouraging other patients to try a weight loss device that isnít medically indicated. Should the clinician in charge of the support group intervene?"
"No, because the forum should be a space for patients to share information without cliniciansí involvement." 2% (1)
"No, because itís the responsibility of the patientsí physicians to explain that the device isnít medically indicated." 8% (4)
"Yes, by incorporating clinicians and patient educators into the online forum so they can answer questions and correct misinformation. " 90% (45)
"Yes, by removing this particular patient from the forum and deleting the posts about the weight loss device. " 0% (0)

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