Safe Water Access and the Roles of Clinicians
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"A patient insists that water contamination is causing her persistent rash even after her physician tells her itís unlikely. How should the physician respond to the patient?"
"a) Repeat that the water is an unlikely cause and suggest another course of action." 1% (1)
"b) Ask the patient to explain why she believes her water is contaminated." 20% (33)
"c) Test her for waterborne microbes and lead." 2% (3)
"d) Both b) and c)." 72% (117)
"A student arrives to conduct congenital heart disease research in a resource-limited area with water insecurity. Should she and her colleagues engage with local water insecurity issues in addition to their research?"
"No, their skills are better applied to research only. " 11% (18)
"Yes, by helping their hosts gather water and performing other household tasks." 9% (15)
"Yes, by shifting their research to focus on the areaís basic health needs." 14% (23)
"Yes, by advocating for safe water access for the region." 57% (93)

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