Iatrogenesis in Pediatrics
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"A 12-year-old girl identifies as a boy, has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria (GD), and wants to begin gender transitioning with prepuberty hormone therapy. Her physician worries about the long-term iatrogenic risks of therapy. How should the physician respond?"
"Explain iatrogenic consequences of prepuberty hormone therapy, noting that GD does not always persist into adolescence" 68% (108)
"Require this patient to undergo mental health evaluation" 17% (27)
"Begin only reversible treatment to suppress puberty" 8% (13)
"Are physicians ethically responsible for physical and emotional iatrogenic effects of medically unnecessary genital surgeries on children?"
"Yes" 68% (108)
"No" 13% (21)
"Depends on a surgery's outcomes" 5% (8)
"Depends on harm's extent" 12% (19)

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