Moral Psychology and “Difficult” Clinician-Patient Relationships
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"A colleague asks a primary care physician to order a medically unwarranted MRI for her son. How should the physician respond?"
"Order the MRI out of courtesy." 1% (1)
"Ask the colleague to explain why she wants the MRI ." 75% (76)
"Agree to do an MRI if the symptoms worsen." 6% (6)
"Tell the colleague “no”." 13% (13)
"What can clinicians do to repair a relationship with a “difficult” patient?"
"a) Set clear limits and expectations." 5% (5)
"b) Spend more time listening and interrupt less." 7% (7)
"c) Point out the patient’s skill deficits and suggest improvements." 3% (3)
"d) Only a) and b) " 83% (85)

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