Human Trafficking and Medicine
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"From a health care perspective, what should be the legal status of commercial sex?"
"Legalized and regulated " 37% (92)
"Decriminalized for sellers of sex only" 16% (39)
"Decriminalized for both sellers and buyers of sex" 5% (13)
"Remain illegal for both sellers and buyers" 35% (86)
"If a health care professional suspects that a patient could be a trafficking victim, under which circumstances is he or she obliged to report?"
"a) Always report if the patient is a child. " 5% (13)
"b) If the patient is an adult, report only with the patientís consent. " 3% (8)
"c) Always report for any patient, even if the patient does not consent." 39% (96)
"d) Only a and b" 51% (127)

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