Disability, Ethics, and Medicine
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"Numerous factors determine whether and when women with disabilities have equitable access to reproductive health care services. Which do you think interferes most prominently with clinicians’ capacities to care well for the reproductive health needs of women with disabilities?"
"Clinicians’ assumptions about the decision-making ability of women with disabilities." 30% (10)
"Clinicians’ assumptions about the probability of treatment success for women with disabilities." 0% (0)
"Clinicians’ assumptions about the risks of pregnancy for women with disabilities." 9% (3)
"Clinicians’ assumptions about the sexual and reproductive interests of women with disabilities." 9% (3)
"Clinicians’ assumptions about the parenting abilities of women with disabilities." 12% (4)
"Which of the following has been the most critical factor in the intensified environmental demands on and increases in workplace injuries among health care professionals over the last 20 years?"
"Shortage of nurses. " 39% (13)
"Shortage of physicians in rural areas of the United States." 18% (6)
"Shortage of physical therapists trained in safe patient transfer. " 6% (2)

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