It Is Brain Surgery
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"Neurosurgical intervention to place permanent electrodes in select spots in the brain (deep brain stimulation, or DBS) is being used to control motor and seizure disorders and intractable psychiatric symptoms. Some project that the technique could be used in future to enhance cognitive ability and alter behavior. Which of the following best describes how you feel about these uses and possible future use of DBS?"
"DBS should not be used as a treatment for anything." 10% (9)
"DBS should be used exclusively for treatment of physical disorders." 8% (7)
"It is ethical to use DBS to treat physical and cognitive disorders, e.g., memory loss associated with Alzheimer disease." 17% (15)
"It is ethical to use DBS to treat not only physical and cognitive disorders but also psychiatric disorders such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder." 37% (33)
"It is ethical to use DBS to enhance cognitive functions, e.g., memory, in people with statistically normal function." 6% (5)
"It is ethical to use DBS to enhance cognitive function and alter behavior as long as the subjects of the intervention (or their parents) consent." 16% (14)
"Do you think that surgeons should be required to tell patients the extent of their experience with a procedure they are about to perform on that patient?"
"Yes. Always." 51% (46)
"It depends on the difficulty of the procedure and the risks involved." 30% (27)
"No." 9% (8)
"Don't know." 3% (3)
"Would knowing the level of a physician's or resident's experience in performing a procedure you needed alter your decision about allowing that person to perform the procedure on you?"
"Yes. Under all circumstances." 31% (28)
"Not if a seasoned physician was supervising the procedure." 30% (27)
"Only if the procedure were difficult and the risks significant." 29% (26)
"No." 1% (1)
"Don't know." 3% (3)

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