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"Health care professionals who cannot (for medical reasons) or do not wish to be vaccinated against an infectious disease should not be allowed to have contact with patients during an outbreak of that disease."
"Agree" 55% (124)
"Disagree" 37% (84)
"Don't know" 6% (14)
"Which of following do you think are justifiable reasons to refuse vaccinations for oneself or one's children? Check all that apply."
"Health conditions" 80% (182)
"Religous beliefs" 53% (120)
"Philosophical beliefs" 39% (89)
"Established right to refuse any medical treatment" 59% (133)
"Researchers are working on a vaccine that would interfere with the nervous system’s response to stress. The existence of a “stress vaccine” is controversial because, while the effects of chronic stress are harmful, the short term effects (associated with the “flight or fight” response) of acute stress are often considered protective. Which of the following best expresses what you think about a vaccine to counteract the nervous system’s response to stress?"
"The vaccine would be a benefit to health if administered after receiving fully informed consent from the intended vaccinee" 18% (41)
"A stress vaccine would be similar to other practices people employ to manage stress, e.g., meditation and exercise" 6% (13)
"A stress vaccine would be similar to other substances people use to manage stress, e.g., alcohol and prescription drugs" 15% (35)
"A vaccine that interferes with the brain’s response to stress should not be developed" 56% (128)

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