Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
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"One of the core features of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is that, effective January 1, 2014, individuals will be required to purchase health insurance or face financial penalties. Exemptions to the fine are made in cases of financial hardship or certain religious beliefs. Do you support this individual mandate requiring that everyone purchase health insurance?"
"Yes" 54% (53)
"No" 37% (37)
"Not sure" 6% (6)
"Another feature of the Affordable Care Act is that insurers will be prohibited from refusing coverage or charging higher premiums to individuals because of their pre-existing medical conditions. Do you support this prohibition?"
"Yes" 76% (75)
"No" 15% (15)
"Not sure" 7% (7)
"Many experts argue that, without the individual mandate to increase the number of enrollees, health insurers will be unable to stay in business, given the law's requirement that they not charge extra for pre-existing medical conditions. If we take that argument as fact, does that change your answer to question #1?"
"Doesn't change my view about the individual mandate." 82% (81)
"I am more likely to support the individual mandate." 11% (11)
"I am less likely to support the individual mandate." 7% (7)

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